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Install MIUI Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy SL i9003

After CM 10 being released on the SL i9003 more good news is here for its users. MIUI is now available for the SL i9003. It's not an official release but it is a modified version of CM 10. The CM 10 used here was the same stuff that was used by dhiru in releasing the Jelly Bean CM 10 for SL i9003 which we covered earlier. The ROM is supposed to be stable although I haven't tested it out yet. It is only having two problems that is with the Media Playback and Bluetooth. But besides those two bugs it should be smooth.

MIUI ROM has always been a personal favorite ROM because of the great design and the constant releases of great custom icon packs and stuff. Without much more talk about the Jelly Bean based MIUI ROM for the SL i9003 let us get into the installation procedure for the ROM.

  • Samsung Galaxy SL i9003. Doesn't work with any other phones not even the Galaxy S i9000. Check phone information in Settings before installing this ROM.
  • Full Phone backup.
  • 90% charge.
And below is the change log for the ROM.

Optimisation, when internal data is no longer mounted, migrate to the the OTG connection U disk
Fix some problems with intermittent phone reboots
New sound settings feature to set dial tone as piano tone (Phone -> Settings -> Other Settings > Dial tone Settings)
Optimisation of emergency call interface interactions
Fix problem when answering calls, the phone still continues to ring
Fix changing network type settings will be lost after phone restart due to settings save failure
Fix Network version of phone when changing the phone SIM card type (CDMA / GSM interchangeable), cell signal display is not shown correctly and other problems answering calls or using the Internet
Fix call interface does not show the contact name
Fix when making call using a Bluetooth headset, the contacts name is not displayed
Fix "Unknown Caller" will not appear in the "Recent" list of contact numbers
Fix switching between Simplified and Traditional Chinese, may cause contact search problems

Fix MMS cannot complete sync to MiCloud
Fix multiple texting may cause FC errors
Fix SMS session editor page content interface dislocation issues
Fix network SMS switch sometimes automatically appears as closed / disabled
Fix in some rare cases, when message is sent will lead to FC errors
Fix sending MMS picture, after editing picture, rotation editing change is lost
[Lock screen, status bar and notification bar]
Fix when using standard toggles mode, notification bar switch when clicking on "more" leads to FC error
Fix in some cases, misuse prevention does not take effect after being enabled
Fix in some cases when using GPS, collapsing the status bar is problematic
Optimise first time loading free desktop information prompts
Fix themes in some interfaces may display unusual problems
When you delete an application from Theme, ringtone does not copy to the ringtones directory
Optimise album download logic: changed to download thumbnail previews and support for scrolling through items while still downloading
Fix Gallery Home, "photos" narrow thumbnail problems
Fix when selecting full view and clicking the 'share' menu item, modify default system style
New feature, manually adjust the lyric speed by dragging up and down on lyrics, allows you to control the lyric speed to sync better to your music
[File Explorer]
New MiDrive function, if the service is not available a prompt will be displayed
Optimise loading speed of SD card folder contents
Optimisation problems, when pulling out SD card. The folder navigation 'path/directory' drop-down menu does not display
Fix problem when browsing, empty folder when you pull out the SD card, the interface displays unusual problems
[FM Radio] [Supported devices only]
Added support for listening to radio in Airplane mode without mobile data connection being active
New, when you unplug headphones a re-insert them, FM will continue broadcast
New batch editing mode, supports deletion of pinned notes
Optimisation in list or grid mode when deleting items
Optimise sticky notes desktop widget style
Optimise support for sharing a note containing a picture
Fix in some cases, notes folder list does not display correctly
Fix problem where the notes folder cannot be renamed
Fix Flashlight is unable to be opened
[Video Player]
Optimisation of vertical screen display movie progress indicator
Optimisation of video not playing prompt behaviour
Fix Gallery Desktop widgets cannot open avi files

How To Install Jelly Bean MIUI On Galaxy SL I9003

If you are on ROMs like CM 7/CM 9/MIUI skip to step 6.

1. Download the ROM and put it in the root of your micro SD card.

2. To flash ROMS you need Clockworkmod Recovery or CWM on your phone. 

3. Go to this link and flash XXKPU. Please note that XXKPU can be flashed only after flashing XXKPE, so read it carefully.

5. Download CF ROOT for XXKPU and then install it by putting the phone to download mode, selecting the tar file as PDA and flash it. CF ROOT comes with CWM. 

6. Go to CWM recovery by pressing Vol Up+ Home+ Power button.

7.  Use vol buttons to navigate and power button/Home to select. 

8.  Select Wipe data/factory reset. 

9. Go back and select "install zip from sd card" and choose the ROM file you just downloaded.

10. Wait for it to install and then go to advanced and select Reboot recovery.

11. After recovery is rebooted, go to mounts and storage and format dbdata.

12. Reboot the phone!

That's it. Now you have successfully installed MIUI ROM on SL i9003. The ROM comes with Google Apps so you will not need to install them later after installing the ROM. If you have any doubts regarding the setup please comment below.


  1. I am unable to flash zip from sd card. Its giving an error message "error mounting sd card"


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