Monday, September 3, 2012

Install Jelly Bean on Galaxy SL i9003 with Cyanogenmod 10

I am extremely happy to announce that dhiru, the developer of  Cyanogenmod  9 has released his version of Cyanogenmod 10 which is based on jelly bean for our phone, Samsung Galaxy SL i9003. Jelly Bean was released by Google few months back and many flagship phones received it.Galaxy SL i9003 did not receive official ICS and it was Cyanogenmod 9 which gave us Ice cream sandwich.CM 10 is entirely based on Jelly Bean firmware and it will bring many more custom ROMs for our phone by other developers based on jelly bean.This version is in the alpha stage and is buggy, but you can test it out or use cm9 in the mean time. Lets see how to install Jelly Bean on Galaxy SL i9003 with CM10


jelly bean cmgt i9003


  • Samsung Galaxy SL i9003. Doesn't work with any other phones not even the Galaxy S i9000. Check phone information in Settings before installing this ROM.
  • Full Phone backup.
  • 90% charge.

Alpha 1 at the time of writing this post.

  • Bluetooth doesn't work.
  • UI is not as smooth as CM9
  • Video recording issues. 
  • Wi-fi hotspot issues.
  • Some other minor issues as well. See credits link for more details 

How to install Jelly Bean on Galaxy SL i9003 with Cyanogenmod 10

If you are on ROMs like CM 7/CM 9/MIUI skip to step 6.

1. Download the ROM and put it in the root of your micro SD card.

2. To flash ROMS you need Clockworkmod Recovery or CWM on your phone. 

3. Go to this link and flash XXKPU. Please note that XXKPU can be flashed only after flashing XXKPE, so read it carefully.

5. Download CF ROOT for XXKPU and then install it by putting the phone to download mode, selecting the tar file as PDA and flash it. CF ROOT comes with CWM. 

6. Go to CWM recovery by pressing Vol Up+ Home+ Power button.

7.  Use vol buttons to navigate and power button/Home to select. 

8.  Select Wipe data/factory reset. 

9. Go back and select "install zip from sd card" and choose the ROM file you just downloaded.

10. Wait for it to install and then go to advanced and select Reboot recovery.

11. After recovery is rebooted, go to mounts and storage and format dbdata.

12. Reboot the phone!

In order to get Google applications, you need to download Google apps for jelly bean and install the zip from CWM recovery. 
You have successfully install jellybean on your galaxy sl i9003 with Cyanogenmod 10(CM10)


  1. you mentioned to use cm9 for I9003. I could not find any confirmed downloads for I9003. Can you point me to the links for CM9 for I9003?
    I really really really want to !!

    1. In the first step of the guide, there is a ROM link. Click it to get CM9 and CM10 download links

    2. thanks! Is it stable for regular use.. is there a known issue list for CM9.. the reason i am asking bcos it is still in alpha and dev seems to have stopped...

    3. The development is going fine, CM10 has more issues than the CM9. Battery drain till 3-4 recharge cycles, bluetooth problem etc. CM 10 is just a preview version but still you can live with those minor problems

    4. i cant find this ROM from my sd card :( pls help me

  2. Hi, after a week of struggle with my phone, I finally got it back to life. Thanks a lot for the help... I'm using an i9003.

    1. What really happened in the first time?

    2. My phone was on MIUI, then I decided to try JB. I might have chosen the wrong build/version.

      Btw, now I have JB running and well, but I can't install gapps. I have tried gapps-jb-20120715, gapps-jb-20120719-signed and gapps-jb-20120726-signed downloads from various sources, but none worked. Do I have to follow any particular procedure? I'm just installing from the SD card, and CWM says the install is successful, but nothing gets installed. Please help...

    3. Im sorry for not mentioning this in the post but u have to reflash to fix it,I figured it out a little later, here is the way to get gaaps as well as fix google sign in issues and no voice on google now.

      Reboot to recovery
      Factory reset/Wipe data
      Wipe cache partition
      wipe dalvik cache under advanced
      Install cm10 zip file
      Install gapps JB
      Go to advanced and reboot recovery
      Factory reset/Wipe data again
      Format dbdata
      Flash cm10 and gapps again
      Wipe cache partition and dalvik again
      Fix permission under advanced
      Add Google account
      Reboot again

    4. I got another question. When I do a 'Format dbdata', it takes forever to complete the format. The screen just shows 'Formatting /dbdata...'. Is this normal?

    5. Did you try the above steps? For me it just took seconds to format data, maybe because i have less apps

    6. Yes, I did. The format operation on dbdata doesn't complete. But I have restarted the phone anyways and all I see now is the CyanogenMod boot animation. It keeps rolling and doesn't take me any further. Any thoughts?

    7. You did something wrong somewhere! You go to the recovery, and try the steps in the post and go to CM10 without any gaaps, then try again with the proper instructions posted in the comments

    8. Can u pls tell me how to install old version of my phone aftr instaling jelly bean

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Do you mean, you cant mount SD card in Clockworkmod recovery or SD card is not working on your phone?

    2. When trying to flash fw it shows as error message " unable to mount sd card".

      I tried flashing it through cwm recovery as well as manually through recovery. But getting same error message.

    3. hey, getting the same problem, please help..


  5. Hello,
    I installed everything works fine: but the wifi can not detect any networks. Can somebody help me?

    Android 4.1.2 GT-I9003

  6. hello i have the same probleme .. wifi can not detect any network ... help plz :(

  7. You have to connect it once manually. Then it should see all the other networks.

    My problem is now, that the external sd card is not automatically mounted under 'external_sd'. Does anyone have a clue to solve this?

    1. je vais vous répondre mais en fracais:
      normalement dans l'explorateur de fichiers, vous trouver une partie au pied de la page reservé au favories, la vous pouvez acceder a votre carte SD.

  8. my phone is galaxy sl i9003 running 2.3.6 gingerbread n i cant find any rooting software for my phone ...can someone tell me where to find it

  9. After installation jelly bean with cynogenmod battery down imedate

  10. After installation jelly bean with cynogenmod on sl i9003 battery down immediately

  11. ho can i install andrord market plzz tall me

  12. have you tried downloading google play?

    if not, try this...

  13. Hi Ayush,

    My Galaxy SL I9003 was on 2.3.6 and today morning, I installed CM10 Alpha 4 on it. And this help page was extremely helpful. Tons of thanks for that.

    While running through the installation steps, I could not find the 'format dbdata' option on my phone though. I proceeded without that step and finally ended up nowhere. Then I followed the steps given in "September 7, 2012 10:38 PM" comment by you and it worked fortunately with God's grace.!

    Now, I'm on CM10Alpha4.

    Thanks brother,

  14. hey,

    it's ok to install CM10 alpha 4 on my phone, if my android version is:4.0.4?
    in this moment i use EHDROIX 12.8.26 based on cm9(dhiru's work) and i have lots of issus after 3 months.
    i want something new on my phone, but also i want to be from dhiru :)


    1. i find a version of cm9 from dhiru on xda for 4.0.4 :)
      [ALPHA][ROM][4.0.4] CyanogenMod 9 for Samsung Galaxy SL - Alpha 14

      hope it's work nice :)

  15. recently i rooted my galaxy sl gt i9003 to jellybean, some app was missing(Google Play, Gmail, Gtalk etc) so i tried to root it again with same procedure, and by using odin i did the same and i use the same cfroot file which was downloaded by to update ddlf to jelly bean. but when the procedure finished my phone is only showing stratup screen. nothing else. please help me if anyone can solve my problem.

  16. follow all the steps but it is continouslty showing the error while installing from zip option unable to mount SD card due to which unable to install Firmware package and go further

    Pls sugegst

  17. i installed jb cyn 10 alpha 4 to my galaxy sl everything is good except system do not see ext sd card
    İ could not reach sd card
    pls help

  18. i installed CM10 but playstore and gmail apps are not opening
    could u please provide me the steps with the links

  19. E/failed to verify whole-file signature
    E/signature verification failed

    i tried with cm9 and followed d instructions.i am a total noob at this.pls help

  20. can you help me to upgrade my I9003 into jelly bean

  21. can you help me to upgrade my I9003 into jelly bean

  22. i really like to upgrade my phone please sir help me please send to my gmail account step by step to upgrade my samsung gt-i9003 into jelly bean.thanks in advance.

  23. I cannot flash CM10 on GT-I9003 but I can flash CM9 help...

  24. hi,
    currently in my phone install jelly bean 4.2.2. and now
    i want install gingerbread so how is it possible.
    please guide me.


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