Sunday, August 19, 2012

Install Value pack XXLF4 Android 2.3.6 on Galaxy S Advance I9070

If you are a Galaxy S Advance I9070 user, you won't we getting Android 4.0 ICS anytime soon. Samsung released the Android 2.3.6 Value pack officially to the devices like Galaxy S Advance I9070, Galaxy S i9000, Galaxy SL i9003 etc. The reason because these devices don't support ICS is because of Sammy's touchwiz UI which takes lot of performance out of these phones, or the main reason is that Samsung is lazy enough to give proper support for their non flagship phones, After all Nexus S even got Jelly Bean recently! Lets see how to install XXLF4 value pack on Galaxy S Advance. 

Note that this firmware is officially for Austria, Belgium,  Germany, France,Hungary, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy.

We cannot be held responsible for the damage to your device due to your carelessness, This may void your warranty is you are not in the location mentioned above. You may flash at will if you fulfill requirements given below.


  • Galaxy S Advance I9070. No other devices are supported.
  • USB Drivers. Download Kies if you dont have it.
  • 80% charge.
  • Full phone backup
  • USB Debugging checked under settings on your device.

Steps to Install Value pack XXLF4 Android 2.3.6 on Galaxy S Advance

1. Download the XXLF4 firmware for Galaxy S advance and extract it to your Desktop.

2. You need Odin inorder to flash the firmware.

3. Go to download mode on your phone, switch off then press vol down+home+ power button.

4. Open Odin and connect phone to PC, you are good to go if ID:COM shows green!

5. Click PDA and browse for the file with PDA on the firmware folder you extracted. Also click Phone and select file with MODEM, CSV and select file with CSV and PIT and select file with .pit extension.

6. DO NOT CHANGE OTHER ODIN SETTINGS. Select Re partition only if you have selected a pit file.

7. Select Start and wait few minutes for the process to finish. 

You have successfully installed  Value pack XXLF4 on Galaxy S Advance

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