Monday, August 20, 2012

Install Blackout ICS Incredible v3.0 on Desire HD

Desire HD was one of the high end phones by HTC a year or two back. It has received ICS thanks to XDA developers and not HTC. Team Blackout has done it again. The ROM is based on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. This is the version 3.0 and you get a lot of bug fixes. This ROM for Desire HD also has an OCed Kernel and many other features which you shouldn't miss out. Here is the changelog


  •  Desire HD. Do not try this on any other phone or variants
  •  Min 80% charge.
  •  Root Access. 
  •  Full phone backup.
  •  Patience.
We are not responsible for the damage to your device due to your carelessness, proceed at will!

Video tutorial on how to root Desire HD.

Steps to Install Blackout ICS Incredible v3.0 on Desire HD

1. Download the ROM and save it on the root of the SD Card. Do not unzip the file. 

2.  Go to recovery by pressing vol Down+Power button.Select Update ROM from SD Card, choose the ROM you downloaded from the root and proceed with instructions.

3. This is full wipe, slect YES if the installer prompts you to  Wipe Data.

4. After installation of the ROM, Select NO to reboot and manually reboot the phone.

You have successfully installed Blackout ICS on your Desire HD. Comment!

Credits to dg170775


  1. Your steps worked like charm.. Thanks.. :)

    1. I cant find the Advanced Ace Hack Kit. The developer removed it!! How did you root your phone, which is the firmware?

  2. installed. nice rom. but its launcher is very low and the phone gets stupid when treying to remove any widget. changed the launcher by the launcher pro (spanish version) and the phone is now more responsive to my commands, including the widgets management.

    1. brother how you have rooted your phone ????????

  3. hello my phone is HTC DESIRE HD and 3.0 htc sense thats why i cant root that from your video tutriol so pleas help me how to root it plz plz reply must

  4. U can now root any sense with the new pd189. Just format your SD card to fat32 then place the downloaded pd file into aahk. Tada.


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