Saturday, August 18, 2012

Install MIUI Jelly Bean ROM on Galaxy Nexus

One of the most beautiful custom ROM  for Android is the famous MIUI. MIUI has been popular among android enthusiasts for over 2 years now. The latest MIUI was based on Android 4.0 ICS but now, MIUI based on the latest Android OS, jellybean has been released. It's for the Google's flagship phone, the Galaxy Nexus Prime. As you know, Nexus Prime was the second device to get Jelly Bean via OTA, Nexus 7 being the first. But MIUI based on Jelly Bean has been released on Samsung Galaxy Nexus exclusively. Projuct Butter was the main feature on Jelly Bean, the MIUI brings all these good stuff along with the awesome design which can even rival Apple's iOS. 


  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This version is not compatible with any other phone or variants of the same device.
  • 80% charge or more
  • Have Unlocked Bootloader and CWM installed. We do not have guide for this now :( You can find them else where.
  • Full backup of phone data.
  • Patience :)
We are not responsible for the damage to your device, Nor the developers. You may proceed at will!

Guide to Install MIUI Jelly Bean ROM on Galaxy Nexus

1. Go to the official MIUI Dev page here and download     "" under " Downloads (JB) -     4.1.x " .

2. Now copy the zip file to the root of your phone.

3. Reboot into CWM recovery by holding down Vol Up+Home button and the pressing the power button.

4. In CWM you can make a nandroid backup to backup the current ROM.

5. Navigate using the volume rockers select Wipe, factory reset and confirm then confirm data wipe. Use power button to select.

6. Go to Install and select the zip file you pasted to the SD Card.

7. Wait for the installation to finish and reboot. First boot may take sometime, so be patient.

Happy flashing! Visit again for more guides on custom ROMS. 

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