Monday, August 27, 2012

Install Ehndroix ROM ICS on Galaxy SL i9003

Samsung Galaxy Sl i9003 is a low activity device at XDA. While most devices like Galaxy S i9000 have CM10 alpha, we are still on CM9. Ehndroix ROM currently 12.8.26 is made by Nitrox developers and is based on CM9 Ice Cream Sandwich ported by Dhiru to Galaxy SL i9003. There are only a few Custom ROMs based on ICS for galaxy SL i9003 on XDA. This ROM brings lot more features to the ICS alpha ROM by dhiru. Lets see the features of this ROM.

installing custom rom ICS

Features of Ehndroix ROM

  • New Boot Animation
  • Apex Launcher
  • Beats Audio EQ
  • HD videos on Youtube
  • Comes with Google Apps
  • JB wallpapers 
  • Titanium backup preinstalled
  • Lot more
Known Issues
  •   CM9 bugs which are very minor

  • Samsung Galaxy SL i9003. Doesnt work with any other phones. Check phone information in Settings before installing.
  • Min 80% charge
  • Full phone backup
  • Patience :)
Some parts of this tutorial are from XDA, you can follow it and then come back to proceed from here.

Guide to Install Ehndroix ROM ICS on galaxy SL i9003

If you are on CM9/CM7/MIUI/AOKP you can start from Step 6

1. Download the ROM and put it in the root of your micro SD card.

2. To flash ROMS you need ClockworkMod Recovery or CWM. 

3. Go to this link and flash XXKPU. Please note that XXKPU can be flashed only after flashing XXKPE, so read it carefully.

5. Download CF ROOT for XXKPU and then install it by putting the phone to download mode, selecting the tar file as PDA and flash it. CF ROOT comes with CWM. 

6. Go to CWM by pressing Vol Up+ Home+ Power button.

7.  Use vol buttons to navigate and power button/Home to select. 

8. Select Wipe Data and then go to advanced and select wipe Dalvik Cache.

9. Select Zip you downloaded from SD card and flash it. 

10. Wait for installation to finish and reboot phone from CWM. 

11. First bootup may take some time. Reboot again after phone is switched on. 

You have successfully installed Ehndroix ROM. Hope i have helped you with this tutorial. Please let me know how you feel about this ROM. Which is your favorite custom ROM for this device?

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