Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Install Biohazard ROM on Galaxy S Plus i9001 Guide

Galaxy S plus i9001 was a modified version of Samsung's flagship phone, Galaxy S. It has a much better processor and screen with more RAM as well. Galaxy S Plus came with Gingerbread out of the box. CM9 brought ICS to the phone and some custom ROMs are based on this. The Biohazard ROM for Galaxy S Plus i9001  is based on the CM9 beta 4 as base and comes with more features, apps, battery performance and modified user interface. 

The UI of Biohazard ROM is similar to Galaxy S3 which has a touch whiz 5 UI. This ROM also has jelly bean sounds, animations, search bar etc. The developer hypnos17 also provided tweaks to increase scroll speed, web speed and improved battery life and many more!

Screen Shots

  • Galaxy S plus i9001. This is not compatible with any other device. Check Phone details in Settings to make sure you have the right device.
  • Atleast 80% charge.
  •  Full backup of the phone. 
We are not responsible for the damage caused to your device because of your negligence. Your warranty will be void if you proceed. 

 Installing Biohazard ROM on Galaxy S Plus i9001

1. Download the ROM and Google Apps and copy both of them to the root of your SD Card.

2. Go to CWM recovery by pressing Vol Up+ Home+ Power button. Use Vol buttons to navigate and power button/ Home to select.

3. If you are on gingerbread, then select wipe data/factory reset. Then go to advanced and select wipe dalvik cache.

4. If you are on Ice Cream Sandwich then, just wipe Dalvik  and cache partition.

5. Select Install Zip from SD card and select ROM you downloaded. Install it.

6. When it's finished, flash the google apps.

7. Go to advanced and select fix permissions.

8. Reboot the device. First boot might take some time. Reboot again after phone is up and running.

 We are ready to help. Just post your problems as comments below!

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