Sunday, September 2, 2012

Install MIUI v4 ICS Official on HTC One V

HTC recently released the One series with HTC One V being the mainstream phone among the lineup. HTC One V comes with a 1GHz processor, 5MP Camera, 512 MB RAM and a 3.7 inch screen. It comes with Ice cream sandwich out of the box. HTC One V is not a bang for the buck and there are many other phones which can be considered in this range. MIUI v4 which is based on ICS has been released for HTC One V on XDA forums by recognized contributor, shubhamchamaria . If you don't like the HTC Sense UI MIUI is the ROM to try out. MIUI has a design which slightly resembles with iOS but with an Android touch! Lets see how to install MIUI Custom ROM on HTC One V

htc onev
white theme

Known Bugs

  • Bluetooth doesn't work

  • HTC One V. This tutorial is not for any other device. Check Phone details in Settings to make sure you have the right device.
  • At least 80% charge.
  •  Full backup of the phone data.
  • CWM recovery. You can install CWM on your One V from here

How to Install MIUI v4 ICS on HTC One V

1. Download the latest version of MIUI from here. The latest version was    2.8.10 at the time of writing this post.

2. Copy the downloaded zip file to your SD card. Do not unzip

3. Go to cwm recovery by powering off the phone, entering bootloader mode by pressing vol down+ power button. Use volume buttons to  navigate and power button to select. Select recovery from it using power button.

4. Create a Nandroid backup of your previous ROM. In case anything goes wrong you can get your phone up and running in seconds. 

5. Format all partitions except SD.

6. Install the zip file from SD card. Wait for the process to finish.

7. Reboot the phone. First boot may take some time.

8. Reboot again after phone starts.

You have successfully installed MIUI on your HTC One V. Did you like the MIUI interface? Have you seen anything better than this ROM? Please let us know through the comments. :)

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