Friday, October 12, 2012

Download Shadowgun Dead Zone Free Beta for Android

One of the most popular Third Person Shooter game among the iOS and Android platform is the Shadow Gun game from Madfinger Games. They have come up with another version of the game which lets you play online with your friends and others. SHADOWGUN Dead Zone is in the beta stages of development and there are a lot of features and contents that you will not be seeing in this version. This version is released mainly for solving the bugs and get user feedback. Lets see more about Shadowgun Dead Zone, the public beta version.

download free beta

SHADOWGUN Dead Zone lets you play as 4 characters, the soldier, Dancer, mutant and the assassin. There are two game modes, Death Match and Zone Control which can be played on two different areas, the assembly hall and Invasion. You can choose from 7 different weapons and other cool gadgets. The gameplay is awesome along with the stunning graphics of the previous Shadowgun game.

Note that this game is available for only Tegra 3 devices like Nexus 7, HTC One X, Asus Transformer etc. There will be a retail version soon, so if you have a non tegra device like Galaxy S3 you will have to wait for a little longer. 

Download Shadowgun Dead Zone Free 

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